Panels type STANDART


Construction: panel consists of an external visible part (metal or aluminum painted, with antibacterial PVC, stainless steel) and an internal invisible part (mineral wool with a density of not less than 120 kg2/m and U-shaped profile from galvanized steel along the perimeter of the panel).

Mounting: wall panels are interconnected by locks made in the frame by the method of special metal bending, and are mounted on the supporting profile.

Panel dimensions (mm): thickness — 52...102, width — 200...1200, height — 200...4500.

Application: in the form of a wall or partition wall in rooms where heat and sound insulation is required. The panel is capable of withstanding medium loads and pressure differences due to the operation of the ventilation systems. For this type of panels there is no provision for fastening doors and heavy attachments. The panels are resistant to excessive or negative pressure in the room.