Panels type ECO

Construction: panel consists of external visible part (metal or aluminum, antibacterial PVC coated steel,  stainless steel, HPL) and internal invisible part (moistureresistant gypsum board (MRGB) or moisture and fire resistant gypsum board (MFRGB)).

Mounting: frame for MRGB, special brackets and supporting profile. Panels are attached to each other with interlocks made by special bending of panel ends.

Panel overall dimensions (mm): 300х2500 (2800); 400х2500 (2800); 600х2500 (2800); 900х2500 (2800); 1200х2500 (2800).

Panel thickness (mm): 14 (external metal part) and 17 (external HPL part). HPL or KERROCK - 12.

Application: as alternative to ceramic tile, MRGB facing with followup finishing and other possible types of room finishing (panel is capable of carrying small loads), where there is no door or window opening , no need to hang
equipment. Facing panels are resistant to excess or negative pressure in the room at no less than ±150 Pa.