LeoCon Group has an implemented quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2009. Qualified personnel works on modern equipment of such famous brands as Trumpf, Bystronic, Schroeder, Rapid, Fronius, that guarantees high quality of our products.




           Technological production capabilities

  • high-precision and high-quality processing of sheet metal with coordinate-punching and laser machines, the thickness of metal up to 16 mm;
  • accurate bending of corners and radiuses of sheet metal with a thickness of 0.5..8.0 mm, thanks to a well-chosen combination of bending equipment and process equipment;
  • welding and polishing stations with equipment that allows to work with low-carbon steel, stainless steels and aluminum;
  • high-precision cutting at different angles of metal and aluminum profiles up to 5000 mm in length and up to 200 mm in diameter;
  • powder painting chamber with zinc-phosphate treatment of products with dimensions up to 1000х1200х3400 mm;
  • sandwich panels forming line with dimensions up to 1250x4500 mm and capacity up to 500 m2 / day;
  • assembly and installation sites and warehouses.